A downloadable Prototype for Windows and macOS

The Day Planner prototype was developed for Ubisoft's 2019 Future Women in Games competition and won 1st place.

The design prompt was to create a prototype that reflects the feeling of your morning routine.

My prototype simulates the emotions of my own morning routine as the player attempts to maximize their available time by scheduling their day as efficiently as possible. The primary focus of my prototype was to emphasize player creativity and freedom as they work out their own unique and creative solutions to the problems presented to them throughout the prototype.

Install instructions

The windows download is a zipped exe file. Extract the zip and the build is playable from the exe in the folder. 

The mac download is a mac application inside the folder. Open the zip and the application can be placed anywhere on the computer to be played. 


UFWIG prototype -mac.zip 26 MB
Day Planner Prototype (UFWIG 2019).zip 26 MB

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