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Cooking chaos is a pair of single-player isometric games taking place in the same environment with different central mechanics. 

Food Makn': Food Makn' has the player navigating the 3D kitchen space in order to gather ingredients and place them on the cutting board in different combinations. The more different types of meals you make the more points you'll get! But watch out, glass objects are fragile and you should never leave something unattended on the stove for too long... 

Hide n Sneak: All you wanted was a snack, but now you're in danger. Sneak through the kitchen hiding in cabinets to collect the five keys and escape. Be careful since everything you do will make noise, and sometimes you don't want to attract attention... Something is coming for you... 

Project Takeaways: Cooking Chaos became a legend among students because of its extremely over-scoped nature. The two game modes were originally meant to be combined as one, but were split to make two separate modes which work well as complimentary games. The surfboard sized cheese bug is also no longer in the game. In the end the project taught an amazing lesson about how to start with one simple mechanic and then slowly layer on more, as well as how many mechanics and features are reasonable for a 3 week project. 

Install instructions

Extract the included zip folder

Run the Unity application in the extracted folder. 


Cooking Chaos.zip 32 MB

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